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I have no memories of how this all began but I’ve always had this sense of ‘higher purpose’, I’ve always been on the look-out for a bigger picture.

Not too long ago I came across the New Age Community, Starseeds, etc.

However, people seem to have the tendency to shape a box out of just about anything and things got boring very fast. I think people aren’t interested in truth as much as they want to forge a memorable identity, something they could be proud of.

That’s very disappointing, since there is so much more out there  than the pile of boxes you can choose from down here. Every soul is unique, right?

If we all would yearn to become our true selves vs trying to convince ourselves and everyone around us of how advanced of a soul we are, we’d truly be moving towards a state of harmony rather than falling behind and losing ourselves even more in some sort of wishful thinking.



4 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog!

  1. Really interesting . The weirdest thing is when I try to think to the larger picture I get this uneasy feeling in me , one that makes me question my existence , I’m pretty sure it’s just me though .


    1. I know what you mean though. It’s interesting simply because we grow up in a fixed society where we are told how things are etc yet we are capable of looking outside and wondering whether it’s really all there is or not – and if not – what does our existence at this point of time even mean? And then the hunt for the meaning of life, our soul’s purpose etc begins! :D

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