The Mind Is Our Playground


In my previous post I wrote about ‘the twisted mind of ours and how we create our reality by literally thinking it into existence’- and this is some exciting stuff, probably just as exciting as a playground for a child! (At least how it was during my childhood, ha)

Speaking of childhood, I was a really active kid, I liked making discoveries just as much as I was into spooky and ‘mysterious’ stuff. These qualities remained unchanged up until now. However, today I’m more into psychology, astrology and the power of the mind. I am also intrigued by the negativity we surround ourselves with and dwell in as ‘grown-up’ human beings.

Negativity is something everyone experiences, it’s the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty for some, the fear of what the future brings for others, the dissatisfaction with the ‘same old same old’, it might even be something we might not want to admit or want to look at, like a past trauma which keeps influencing our decisions from a hidden corner in our mind – we all have a bunch of those!

Yet it’s somewhat taboo in our society to deal with this. Why? I can’t be a 100% sure but from what I found, people would rather pretend negativity doesn’t exist because dealing with it would make them a negative being in their mind. While the complete opposite is the case in reality! You only can know true positivity after understanding what negativity is and where it comes from. Afterall, we don’t ignore the wounds on our body, why ignoring those in our minds?

Facing our big and little fears and going back in time to deal with past traumas brings about a sense of empowerment and can result in some sort of ‘personality change’. But at the same time it’s socially unacceptable to embark on a journey of self-therapy (like, who believes in that?!) and sometimes it’s considered ‘arrogant’ to have a strong sense of self.

So, looking at some of those hidden things inside my head revived this dormant feeling of going on an adventure I used to love as a kid. But this time it’s an adventure that never ends and I’m glad I’m making the decision to take it a step further and start sharing with others!


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