Of Noise, The Puppeteer and Silence, The Therapist


I can’t exactly tell when I began feeling drained from going out. I just did it less and less and everyone around me wondered why. Now I know. It’s the lame “hit songs” blasting my ears. It’s the pointless chatter. It’s the terrible smell of perfume and cigarette smoke all around me, I can’t breathe. The world is so cluttered. And the noise is of the numbing kind. As if someone needs to hide an elephant in plain sight and does so through distraction aka numbing of the senses.

You know, when visiting family members in the past, I noticed the TV running with no one watching. If it wasn’t the TV, it’d be the radio. “Do they avoid silence like a plague?”, I wondered. “Or is it just because I’m like a guest in need of entertainment now?”  The answer is simple: we can’t keep talking non-stop, and moments of silence are considered awkward.

You see, apparently, silence is for sad people. Maybe old people or some creeps. I say noise is a puppeteer. It plays you well and it’s addictive! Similar to drugs, after having a blast, your sober mind pulls you back into reality. All the things you pushed away and didn’t want to think about now line up knocking on your door. It sucks.

However, to continue functioning properly you have to take the trash out. I mean, you take your trash bags out once they’re full and stinky, right? Same goes for the mental trash. It might stink dealing with various unpleasant thoughts, fears an worries but you’ll be able to recognize thought patterns soon, you’ll gain a better understanding of who you are and what floats your boat. It’s true that once we learn how to feel comfortable in our own company we’ll never feel lonely again.


20 thoughts on “Of Noise, The Puppeteer and Silence, The Therapist

  1. Being an introvert i love silence and peace, even more so now because at times even my mind can be peaceful. I’m jealous that it took counselling for me to experience what others have no idea they need to be grateful for :)

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, introverts have an easier time with this but they are always talked about like they have a disease so many times introverts tend to think lowly of themselves (everything they do ‘naturally’ is just plain weird, they are being awkward etc) – whether it took counselling for you to figure yourself out a bit more or not – the result is what counts! ♥ I’m glad you can embrace peace and quiet now!


    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply, your comment somehow got filtered out by wordpress and I just found it in my dashboard marked as spam – I don’t know why tough. However, I want to say thanks a lot for stopping by and reading my stuff!^^ I’m glad you enjoyed!


  2. silence is vital to my sanity!
    as an extreme introvert i begin to feel all the unnecessary noise in my bones after a while. i absolutely love the trash analogy, and i am really enjoying your insights and perspectives!

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m happy to see that someone who really understands what I’m writing about found these posts. Did you also have a lot of people ‘worrying’ about you in the past because you were a quiet kid?

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      1. i still get that!
        “no one really likes to be alone THAT much of the time!”
        “you should get out of your comfort zone more, you’d be so much happier!”
        um, i’m pretty darn happy, thanks!

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      2. hahaha, yeah people are funny like that. You see, everyone has this kind of thing going on in their heads: projection. They project themselves and their preferences upon you and because they wouldn’t feel comfortable being alone that much of the time they will tell you those things. I remember I had a bunch of teachers bugging me during school time about how important it is to be outgoing etc. Funny, because you would think that teachers would know best about different personality types and needs!

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      3. so much so! i realized a few years ago that my extremely extroverted best friend and i were caught in this möbius loop of projection! she was newly separated from her husband and i kept encouraging her to spend time alone and regroup, to learn to enjoy her own company. i was newly broken up with a boyfriend and she kept telling me i needed to get out and surrender to the love and support of being surrounded by people.
        we finally realized one day that we were describing each other’s hell in the form of our own heaven.

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      4. haha but I heard that most people shift between being an extrovert and an introvert all the time – which definitely is true for me. Have you ever tried exploring your extroverted side before?


      5. i do on occasion, particularly with a group of friends i’ve known for a long time. i’m not opposed to going out socially, but it takes me so long to recharge after that i tend to be selective about how and when i do socialize unless it’s with a small group or one on one


  3. I just discovered your blog and I am quite impressed with how clear your thinking is. It’s very refreshing to read. This post is a gem to me, so thank you for sharing it. :)

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