The Other You

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Try to be a simple person with a simple mind, having a seemingly unshakeable opinion on any given topic, a rock-solid view of the world – and everyone will love you.

However, being a “closed” book will draw a lot of attention to you, too! People will want to read you. The problem is, we are complex beings. Yet the world expects us to wear only one face. Which face did you choose?

“There are many voices in my head” was a common phrase I’d use when I legitimately wanted to share something about myself with someone else. So far, there was only one person who didn’t think I was just playing around and whose previously sparked curiosity turned into a raging fire after hearing me say this. That person tirelessly followed me around asking “What do you mean?”, until I told them. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how I found a real best friend.

These voices are the other me. Each and every one of them is another me. It’s the me who is afraid. It’s the me who’s always sad. The one who’s angry at the world, then there’s the useless me, the lazy me, the one who doesn’t believe in me. But not only that, there’s also the happy me! The one who always sees the light side, the joyful me, the playful me. The fearless me. There’s another me who always says “You can”. I see them all, I know them all and I find more of them each time I look within.

There are voices in your head, too. Admit it. No matter how minimal of a personality society wants you to take on, these voices will always speak to you. Most of the time they suck. Maybe they talk down on you, maybe they tell you what you should’ve done instead. Maybe they bring you worries and sorrow so you choose to cut them off. But they always show up again. They are unwilling to let go because you created them. What they tell you is the perspective you gave them.

These thoughtforms are not our enemies, as I said before – we also have positive voices in our heads but they tend to be quieter at first. Once you give yourself some time to listen to the voices’ stories, you’ll realize they always want your best, no matter their perspective. So the next time you hear a fearful voice in your mind, remember it wants the best for you – speak to it, ask it what it’s afraid of and why. You’ll see, really, it’s the other you.

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