Narrow Minds and their Potential – Rant

The reason the world’s in such big trouble, is that 99% of people see themselves as “ordinary” folks. And “ordinary” folks take no responsibility for anything that’s currently happening on the planet – they have no power, no voice, they are unimportant.

At the same time, however, they consider themselves a part of the “advanced” human race – taking every right to support harmful agendas which rather surely than slowly destroy the planet because one ordinary person has no weight in this world and their actions don’t matter. We have 99% of this kind.

The truth is, with superiority comes responsibility. Truly advanced beings don’t consider their lives being worth more than the lives of other species. Truly advanced beings do not justify the destruction and suffering they cause with them simply being “better” and “more important”. Dumb idiots do this kind of stuff. Truly advanced beings do not support their existence by destroying the very environment they live in simply because they think they won’t live enough to face the consequences of their actions.

The first thing people think about when they encounter an unknown creature is how to capture it. When they hear of “ETs” they think about “Alien Invasion”. When they hear about “Superintelligence” they think of AI taking over and destroing every single one of them. By now it should be obvious: humans are hostile creatures living in constant fear. It doesn’t have to be like this. With true superiority comes responsibility. Responsibility for our actions, responsibility for our life and the environment we place ourselves in.

Make up your mind, for you can only be one: an advanced being or an irresponsible piece of trash sucking the energy out of the living planet like a parasite.

Change begins with one, spreads through the mass consciousness to many, manifests a thousandfold on the physical plane and this process speeds up exponentially. Maybe there’s enough time left to save something on this planet but do people still deserve this chance?


5 thoughts on “Narrow Minds and their Potential – Rant

  1. the way you roasted the ‘ordinary people’ wow!!! this thought of being ordinary causes inaction…too bad that I feel this way sometimes…I want to change the world but then I feel “oh I am just an ordinary person who is going to hear me” I want to be an Astronomer and then I feel “I am just an ordinary person do I have what it takes to be one among those 20,000” I remember reading in the ‘The Alchemist’ that it seems we feel guilty when we look around and see all those who have failed at fulfilling their dreams so we also give up. Though this happens only if we feel that we are ‘ordinary.’ The Alien Invasion part is so true.. we are so self obsessed that we think that everything revolves around us…If the aliens are anywhere close to being superintellingent then they will surely keep their distance from our planet, the planet which is home to the species which is going to destroy themselves with knowledge that they have accumulated because they don’t know how to use such immense knowledge, the planet which is rotting by each passing day. I really doubt if we are going to own up to our mistakes.. if we were able to don’t you think we would be on another level?

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    1. Oh this is my darkest post so far. I was in a really bad mood on that day but I giggled once I finished it – sometimes you just gotta do someting about your anger, ha^^ I used to break stuff but writing is healthier I think. I was pissed mostly because of myself and some thoughts I had. You know, I spend lots of time on YouTube. And YT is home to the moronic side of people. It’s disgusting to see people showing off their ugly side once they feel safe and anonymous. I tend to get carried away by this kind of stupidity but I’m working on letting it pass me by. The thing with the aliens is that I’m so confused as to why people only can think of negative stuff like an invasion. Maybe superintelligent beings know how to be compassionate? Power isn’t about domination. These concepts are very human, you know. Why projecting all of our negative traits onto unknown species? :D The hype goes in the opposite direction as well though – I see people obsessing with ultra positive beings, angels etc. These are human traits, too. I really can’t answer your question but nothing is impossible and everything in the universe tends to grow exponentially. Maybe we need to reach a critical mass of not-moronic people for things to begin to change positively. I think deep inside everyone understands what’s going on but other things get in the way and so people don’t care eventually because society dictates what should be important and what not. If the thought of being ordinary makes you feel sick, do all you can to ditch it. If you want to be an astronomer then why not give it a try by taking small steps, feeling it out? Life is for the living, you know.

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      1. Wow I like how you think things out…and yeah writing is a lot healthier to deal with your emotions and thoughts… And the thing you said about aliens just strengthens the fact that humans are self obsessed because they think that any species in any part of the universe is like the human species. it think it is because we are so self absorbed we fail to comprehend the true nature of aliens..

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      2. I like the fact that we can speak about aliens in such a casual way :’D But yeah, it’s psychology I think – we tend to project our thought processes and emotions on others, doing so causes trouble in relationships sooner or later and also affects the way we perceive the world and the universe. This is something I’m targetting with my blog. I want to write about how important it is to be in touch with ourselves and maintain a healthy detachment from other people at the same time.

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