The Promise

Time slows down as the white fog thickens. Darkness falls as the new moon rises. As the guiding light, my voice prevails. – I will never fail you. –



13 thoughts on “The Promise

      1. Ya I did see that but!!
        That’s some insane art. Do you have those skills? I should totally write a post about how bad I am at being aesthetic and how I wish I could be artistic!

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      2. Sakimichan’s old stuff was really good. I don’t like her new stuff but lots of other people do, that’s why she keeps producing it. I myself don’t have those kinda skills. I mean, I can do somewhat well on paper and I also tried digital but to get on her level would take probably at least 1 to 2 years of serious studying and practice.
        However, everyone can be good at art. it’s not so much about talent as most people think. It’s more about the practice, really^^ So if you want to do art, just do it and keep doing it again and again, at your own pace. Consistency is key!

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      3. I’m guessing Sakimichan is a Japanese (because Chan) artist who you used to lovee?
        I guess! You’ve sorta motivated me into trying to get better at art. But then again, with practice you can do about anything, right? But you know.. some people have this natural talent. Whatever they draw, paint, its beautiful. It doesn’t make me jealous really, it makes me happy to see that artists are being born in our planet to make everything beautiful.
        I’m sorry I keep wandering off. I never talk to the point, do I? xD
        Right, getting back. Thanks a lot for the motivation. I’ll try doing something soon! :D

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      4. I don’t know if she’s Japanese :D It says ‘Canada’ on her Deviantart but whoa whoa, I never said I loved her xD just said that her old stuff is better than her recent paintings. Nevertheless, I’m glad you found the courage to try something new! I want to draw more digitally, too, ever since I gave it a try I’m so spoiled, don’t wanna do anything on paper anymore because mistakes are so punishing then :D But I need a good tablet first.


      5. It’s awesome how you follow art and know of people who do such cool stuff!
        You should totally do something and post it AND write about it xD
        Can’t wait.
        My friend got a Surface for this.

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      6. Well, in the art community, just like in any other community, there are also these people who have a huge following and if you post your art online you’ll inevitably stumble across their work.^^
        Wait… You mean your friend is an artist?

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      7. Right. That’s how everything works :D
        But to remember their names shows that you’re actually interested and willing to learn.
        I mean, you can call him that already :P He’s studying now. He’s doing the 4 year course.

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