New Moon Speaks

planet in space

The New Moon is all about new beginnings, setting intentions, about giving an old idea a fresh chance etc and this month it is in Aries, the archetypal sign of new beginnings and the Self.

It’s not like I have a real obsession with the Moon. I’m simply aware of the influence it has over us, believe it or not, it’s there. If it’s strong enough to affect the Earth then it does affect us. Specifically when it comes to the Moon, there are many things we don’t know of yet, there’s so much to discover. I like how people tend to think every mystery’s been solved and if not then there surely is an easy way to explain it. Which makes sense, since our world begins with us. We can turn any misconception into a perfect chain of arguments. Those who disagree will create perfect chains of arguments to prove the opposite – and it will make sense from their point of view.

Maybe there are some sensitive people out there who felt the need to start afresh lately being preoccupied with themselves. You’re not going mad, it’s the Moon’s calling and if you feel it, follow it.



17 thoughts on “New Moon Speaks

    1. Oh, it does. I don’t know whether it’s mystical or not but it affects us physically and mentally. Some people are aware of that, some project too much into it (like those who allegedly can’t sleep during the full moon etc – it’s not the moon’s fault actually :D) and others who completely dismiss it.

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  1. It’s true all of us have a dark side just like the moon does…nobody knows about it except for ourselves…and when the new moon comes seems like everything is in dark but often it’s just a new beginning…. Oh! The moon is a beautiful metaphor… ” I like how people tend to think every mystery’s been solved”- true that the people are shallow..they dwell only in their own world ignoring the depth of the mysteries the universe holds….argh!!! you write so beautifully!

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    1. In this backwards world people fear the unknown but in the unknown lies our whole potential! And because our brains are wired to want “everything easy” most of us never make an effort to look beyond what we’ve been taught and told. Ever noticed how the media always comes up with the simplest explanations for every mystery? It’s exactly what people want to hear. But deep inside I think we all know there’s much more out there just as there is much more to us. Thank you girl, I appreciate your thoughtful contribution to the topic!

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      1. Yeah…we want everything easy…we don’t want to question what we are thought. And also how we find solace in these simplest explanations that the ridiculous media is feeding us. We do know that there is much more out there but the problem is people don’t want to point that out because they like to blend in and seek the acceptance of the society… Your thoughtful posts and comments are making me thoughtful so thanks to you for being the one to stand out and define the odds.

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  2. I loved this one! You make me curious. I too feel about the mysterious influence of moon on our lives. For some people moon is shrinking, for some its growing over the fortnight. Its all what you see. If you see the night sky carefully moon has its own presence, a presence that influences us, unknowingly. Its a curious topic, attracting our attention, so beautiful! πŸŒ™

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