Happiness Is A Personal Choice?!


Has someone ever taught you how to take responsibility for your emotions? Or that this was even a thing? Me neither. This is because it’s widely believed that emotions just happen and that other people are usually somehow involved with the way we feel. Like emotions are nothing we could truly control yet we’re taught to be mindful of our words and actions when we’re around a group of people. We’ve adapted rules and social standards as to not hurt or offend others. However, looking left and right all you see are people feeling offended! It’s because feeling this way is a personal choice and people are addicted to playing the victim role.

Illusion of Influence

There is no way we can be in control over what another person thinks and feels. Ever noticed how sometimes you begin thinking of something and you get so caught up in the thought process, it begins to alter the way you currently feel? This happens because thoughts and emotions go hand in hand.

So if a person thinks that you’re thinking badly of them, they’ll begin to feel that, too. Even if in reality that’s not the case they’ll begin reading more into your words and actions than what was actually said and done. It’s like some minor paranoia: they’ll think your tone was sarcastic the way you looked at them was condescending etc. there literally is nothing you can do about it because the way they feel about you is their personal choice and if they decide to feel offended by you, they will find or create reasons for that.

Of course there are people who do this on purpose, too. Trying to hurt and offend others for whatever reasons, I mean. People who are loud and constantly acting up are usually the ones trying to hide their own insecurities.

Personal choice

In any case: our feelings and emotions are always under our own control just as much as our thoughts are. Maybe it’s not something we like to hear but then again, the way our society works now shows that we avoid responsibility like hell. It’s easy to blame someone else for the way we feel. It’s difficult to admit that we choose to feel low and play the victim simply because it’s too much effort to stand up for ourselves and in some cases admit that in reality it’s us who are thinking lowly of ourselves deep within. But the universe always delivers according to the way we truly feel – sometimes through setting us in touch with people who’ll point exactly that out to us.



23 thoughts on “Happiness Is A Personal Choice?!

      1. Loved it!!
        You know, my best posts come out when i spend the least time on it? There are times when I’ve spent so many hours thinking about what to write but the end result… Complete crap. But times when i just let my feelings do the talking, it’s taken much lesser time and things come out perfectly. Although, i have to confess, i never feel like my posts are brilliant, i have to make a few of my friends read it xD

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      2. haha I get you! Balance is key – on one hand you don’t want to overthink it and on the other hand you need to write from your heart and take your time. If I spent hours on my posts and would force them into existence it’d be hard for me to be happy with them, too. But I also let someone read my posts before I publish, no shame in that^^ BTW: I nominated you for the handwriting tag, hope you can participate!


      3. You’re welcome…I just don’t understand why we don’t get notified when someone links to our blog, would be much easier to do the tags?! Or am I missing out on some funky option which’d let us do that properly? :D

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      4. I need to know too! I got tagged and i got a notification once. Idk why it doesn’t work when i do that for other people. Gotta Google it. XD


      5. Let me know if you find something useful. I tried googling it but couldn’t find anything great. To me it sounded like the person whom we link to should automatically get a notification – but for the Daily Prompt for example we need to create a pingback and put the link in our HTML tab…maybe that’s what we need to look at?

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      6. Some nerds could probably explain that to us xD I’ll try googling it once again later too, for now I went around and spammed the people I nominated with comments that they got tagged.

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  1. Amen! This is Soooo true!! It’s not easy though. Having a handle on your overall emotions takes time and practice and while you may not have control over your initial gut reaction the way you choose to think afterwards will train you mind how to react and feel later.

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    1. Good point! Yes, it takes time to change our behaviour and it is really important that we understand that so we don’t end up beating ourselves up over ‘wrong reactions’ etc Thank you for the valuable input!

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  2. I think the key is that we can’t control other people or their reactions. We are however full in control of ourselves even if we don’t realise it.

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