The Handwriting Tag

Thought I’d squeeze this post somewhere in between my regular ones. Universeoftheunspoken tagged me to this so here I come^^

The Rules:

  1. Write your name
  2. Write your blog’s name
  3. Write your favorite word and its definition
  4. Write something nice
  5. Write the name of your favorite song right now
  6. What are you writing with?
  7. Write a fun fact about yourself
  8. Write/draw your favorite emoticon
  9. Write a silly message
  10. Write who you’re tagging


Here are the links to the guys at Nr. 10 in case you want to visit them:

Rav the Cool- KetCage the Curious – chaos-xd of the Night

Ujala the Thinker – shyinnielife the Introvert – heartbreakandhumour of the Journey

Nemo the Writer – wannareadmymind the Activist – Sun and Moon of the Eclipse

It’s a fun tag, so everyone who reads this can consider themselves nominated!^^ Let me know if you decide to participate, I’d like to check out your sweet randomness!


48 thoughts on “The Handwriting Tag

    1. Bruh, look at mine xD Were you even able to read this? I’m so confused with editing the size of the picture so it doesn’t mess up the post etc to me it’s readable but I don’t know how it is for others. My handwriting isn’t the clearest either but it’s fun nevertheless.^^

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      1. It’s pretty clear and your handwriting seems to be pretty nice!
        I feel like such an idiot right now. I remember following you so long back. I just realised I hadn’t followed you. No wonder your posts weren’t showing up in my feeds. Ughh. Idk why this happens..

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    1. Yay, one more person who’s able to read this :D I think I can leave the photo like this then. Thanks for tagging me, it really was something interesting to do for a change. Did you get a notification about me linking to your blog?

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  1. Do whales sneeze?! 😄 I bet they do and the others say “bless you”

    This is a cute post and the whole idea of that moon on the paper necklace thing was so creatively beautiful!
    .. I’m definitely doing this tag! Thank you sunshine + ✌

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    1. xD I don’t know what’s funnier, the thought of sneezing whales or that my definition of the word ‘star’ takes up nearly half of the page. I’m glad to see you got amused by this and I’m soooo looking forward to your version of it!

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  2. I like the idea.. But the point is my handwriting is quite messy and it takes quite a lot of space.. But I will try it, if I can fit in a single page :)
    Thanks a lot for nominating me :)

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    1. Oh thank you for jumping on board! Don’t worry, you don’t have to fit it all on 1 page – I saw someone writing on little cards and then taking pictures of each card! The post looked really neat that way. Let your creativity flow!

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  3. Now, I’m almost done with my tag stuff so xD
    1. You seem like a reallllly fun person.
    2. I would love to see a whale sneeze. I hope I don’t get blown off because of it, though.
    3. I’m listening to the song you’ve put up.
    4. Moon is a realllly cool name xDDD
    5. What does a kind of pen mean? xD Were you using something other than a pen that functions like a pen? (Forgive me, I’m just bored)
    6. You gotta tell me some stories on how you’ve creeped people out :D


    The extra l’s in really shows how excited I was xD

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    1. hahaha omg, this comment is gold! you’re such a sweetheart :D
      1. thank you, you seem a fun person too and I’m always happy to chat with you!
      2. I have no idea how I came up with this but thinking of this still makes me laugh
      3. that was the only song that popped right up in my head. I haven’t heard it in a while, like in 2 years :’D so it popping up must mean it’s my favorite but then again I didn’t listen to it in 2 years. But then again as soon as I hear hurricane I hear the song playing in my head – nevermind, it’s a good song. CRASH CRASH BUUUUUURN LET IT ALLLLL BURN […]
      4. I think it’s lame but better than going nameless on the internet.
      5. No, it was a ballpen. “BiC Cristal fine” Seriously. Google it.
      6. To keep things short I tell you the most recent one: I have this neighbor who used to scream at his TV between 11pm and midnight sometimes, so one night I stood in front of his window and stared at him for a while. It’s nice and quiet ever since.
      You’re welcome girl, I’m glad to see you so hyped :D


      1. Ket is a guy :3 Hi.
        BiC crystal. An expensive pen it is. $11.5!! I was using a $0.08 ball pen xD
        Moon is seriously a cool name. You can have a partner named Sun. xD

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      2. Normally I make sure I know such things for sure before I address someone as a guy or girl. That’s a serious inconsistency in my usual behavior – I need to inspect that. Wait here. (10 minutes later) Okay, my theory is that maybe I got carried away by the fact that I only got in contact with girls on here for the most part I began thinking everyone here is a girl :D – sorry Ket! As for the pen: wat O.o I bought it for like 40 cents in a local supermarket. I think the internet is trying to rip you off :D don’t fall for it! The idea with the partner named Sun is cool but – there is a blog that’s being run by two people under the names Sun and Moon already, I nominated them too, you can find the link in my post :D BTW I commented on your posts yesterday but my comments didn’t show at all – maybe they landed in your spam?


      3. Yaa! I saw there was Sun and Moon xD I was hoping you wouldn’t know them! Its alright xD It’s not easy to find out whether someone is a girl or a guy just by reading their posts because no matter what science says, I believe we all feel the same things, we all express ourselves in the same ways, irrespective of our gender.
        10 minutes is a short time for such an awesome theory. I have no clue what the gender of more than half of my blogger friends are ( I dont know that many XD )
        I just checked, its was 11.5 for a set of 50. I’m an idiot. Forgive me xD

        HOW DARE THEY SPAM YOUR COMMENTS. I’ll check it out. How dare they though.

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      4. well that’s okay xD there are many suns and moons out there. Well, sometimes it is easy to see who’s behind the posts because of the way a person writes, the words they choose etc and also the way they present their stuff. Some just can’t help it^^ but you’re right, no matter what society tells us: we all are people. You’ve put it in such a beautiful way. Yeah I saw huge packs of these pens online – better deal than the supermarket :D I mean my comments went to your spam, not that someone spammed me xD

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  5. A lovely piece! It was nice knowing you. Thanks a lot for nominating me. I loved your definition of star. ♥ and how do you creep people out? 😂 i wanna know. Nice. xx

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    1. haha, great to see you enjoyed it! Beware this little challenge can take more time than expected^^ yeah I came across many definitions of star but this one just escalated quickly so I chose it. After writing it down I noticed how much sense it actually makes compared to the gibberish I first thought it was. And I creep people out by looking at them with a neutral face. xD Maybe my neutral face is scary.

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  6. Thank you so much, new moon plan for this! We really appreciate it. We are smiling while reading this tag. :) – Eclipse.

    My handwriting is little rusty, can my partner write for me? LOL -Sun.

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    1. You’re welcome – I’ll do the blue sky tag, later this week as well, thank you for including me in it :D As for the rusty handwriting, I think that’d be cheating. Poor Moon would have to do double the work. Try to write slowly or something, but in the end the decision is up to you guys haha


      1. That’s not cheating’s supporting each other’s need. :) HAHA. We will post our handwriting tag no later than 25th as we will only see each other on 24th ! :O – Sun

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      2. All right then haha – wait, I’m not sure what you mean with 24th. Being me, I automatically think that 24th/25th is the new moon, so the moon facing the sun. That would fit you. But at the same time I’m not sure whether it’s a coincidence and you guys really can’t see each other for whatever reasons until then :D HELP ME UNDERSTAND!!!


      3. Woaaaah. That’s a coincidence but surely fit us.. Nice catch! :D
        We just can’t see each other before 24th since *enumerate reasons* but atleast we can still see each other on 24th – 26th :D

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