The Blue Sky Tag

clouds seen from above

A big thanks to Eclipse Stories for nominating me! It’s such a fun tag, at first I thought that coming up with 11 questions for others would be tough but to my surprise it was rather easy and I almost went beyond 11 questions :D

Here are the rules for this tag:

  1. Thank the person(people) who nominated you.
  2. Answer their 11 questions.
  3. Tag 11 people.
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Sun’s questions and my answers:

  • Describe your heart’s state in 6 words.- It is beating, it’s okay.
  • How old is your blog and how’s the experience so far?- My blog is two and a half weeks old and the experience is really positive so far. WordPress seems like a better Facebook.
  • Soft inside and  tough outside or tough outside but soft inside?- Wait, it’s the same thing. Sunny-Sun I almost fell for it!
  • Gentleman or naughty? (For ladies) ; Hot or cute? (For Guys)- Gentlemen seem to be more mindful of their words and actions and they can be naughty at the right time, too. Teehee
  • Have you ever experienced rejection? and how did you cope up?- Yeah. There were times I cried my eyes out. There were times I didn’t give a damn. In any case, the rejections turned out to be for the better. Like that guy who ditched me because I’m too childish – well, now I have a partner who adores me for being silly! That one very well-paid job I didn’t get – I wouldn’t live abroad today because I’d be stuck in a 5 years contract following a 3 years internship, I’d live in a „golden cage“ and probably hate myself.
  • Biggest lie that you heard from your ex or if you are single/no ex yet – anyone that is special to you.- To be honest, my ex’s were such irrelevant teen ‘see-you-on-the-weekend relationships’ – I don’t even remember their full names, not to mention any lies they might’ve told me!
  • White or black?- White for hot summer days. Black for cold winter days. Talking of clothes, in case you wonder.
  • PDA or discreet in showing affection?- Discreet
  • Pizza or burger ?- Pizza
  • Name a special or unforgettable place for you and why?- The rooftop is a special place for me. Because: nice view, wind, looky-looky at stars at night. Cool.
  • Sun or Moon?- Eclipse! Whoa, I’m so edgy :’D

I nominate:

KetCageStarshine Rav

AshSkyOfFreedom by UjalaBeautyAndTheFlawed



and for the Funs and Giggles: SUN himself! :D (obviously you don’t have to, but if you like my questions, feel free to answer them, cheers!)

My questions for you are:

  1. How many keys are on your key ring?
  2. Do you wake up early and go to bed early, go to bed late and wake up late, go to bed late and wake up early or go to bed early and wake up late? :’D
  3. Have you ever won a trophy?
  4. What’s your favorite name and its meaning?
  5. Are you still in contact with your first best friend?
  6. Tell me your favorite color aside from blue! :D
  7. Do whales sneeze?
  8. Grab a book, open it at page 23 and write down whatever you see on line 23. If there’s a picture or something else instead of a text go to the next page and copy the text from line 24.
  9. What color are the walls of the room your are in?
  10. What’s under your bed?
  11. Do you have a tattoo? If yes, describe it. If no – well, would you want a tattoo?

22 thoughts on “The Blue Sky Tag

  1. Loved your answers xD
    I kinda laughed at some of them and kinda felt bad when you were talking about the rejection shit but I am happy for you :) I’m sorry you had to go through stuff like those tho, even if they were for the better.
    I’ll answer those questions soon! :D

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably because I could relate. Not the same way obviously but you know. Rejection hurts in any form.
        The toughest question you’ve asked is whether whales sneeze or not. I’m wondering how i should answer that xD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Rejection hurts when you don’t see the greater picture and only want to ram your own head through the wall despite all consequences. I learned to understand that every rejection is another opportunity to get something better. We can mourn the rejection and feel sorry for ourselves or open our eyes and see that what we want/wanted is simply not ment for us, then grow some balls and more forward to claim what IS meant for us. The whale question? It’s just a yes/no question, I thought! :D

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Whoa! I love that lesson that you’ve learnt. That just means I’ve been doing the wrong shit this entire time.

        The whale question, I’m gonna try and make it interesting.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It’s not ‘wrong shit’ :D there’s always something to learn from our experiences – I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ve learned from yours, too, if you take a few moments to think about it and it might be completely different from the things I’ve learned from mine! PS: the whale answer was genius :D I love whales.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oh, God. I should start trying to get rid of my habit of saying stuff like ‘wrong shit’.
        I’ll have to think about it. There’s definitely some lesson to be learnt there.
        I’m so glad you liked it :’) Feels like it was totally worth my time.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like I’ve been tricked into a nefarious trap. Lured in by an intriguing title :P lol

    That was kind of fun actuality. I’m surprised that you’ve only been blogging for two weeks or so. Your posts and comments (of which I am very grateful) all seem so natural that I kind of assumed you’d been here for quite awhile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trap – how so? :D Is it because the post turned out so long? It seems that many people are rather surprised that I’m new here. I decided to comment on posts that I read to let the author know they’ve been heard and when I can think of something to say or add to the discussion it would be a waste if I didn’t. Sure, liking a post is good but I think comments have a greater impact and are more fun!


      1. Lol I was teasing about it being a trap. It felt kind of like click bait in that — with such an intriguing title — I felt compelled to click it to read want it was all about. But it was actually worth while (not an add or scam so it wasn’t really a trick).. Anyway, I don’t like to be /all/ serious.

        I think you’re on the right track. It’s welcoming, and much more insightful than a casual like :)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. haha I see whyt you mean! :D Well, I didn’t come up with this title (in fact I don’t know who started this tag) but it has an interesting name to it. When I first saw it on someone’s blog I clicked on it because I was confused what the post could be about.

        Liked by 1 person

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