Speaking Of Happiness – There Are Two Sides To Each Coin

Via Daily Prompt – Denial

I don’t understand why people want to force a happy state of mind by ignoring unpleasant emotions and ugly thoughts. Is it easier to pretend like it’s nothing? Lalalalalalala I don’t hear you!

Look, you don’t go around with a broken leg acting like it’s nothing, now do you? Why is emotional pain so different? There is a misconception that higher beings, our beloved angels for instance, are purely positive beings. We try to be like them. We want to be likeable, we want to appear lighthearted. Everyone wants a happy life. But life brings challenges, we get hurt every now and then – how to deal with that, no one knows. One thing is for sure: ‘grow up’, ‘you’re overreacting’ are the most common things we hear once we try to share our innermost feelings with the wrong people. And the ‘wrong people’ is almost everyone.

Even if you can go to a doctor to fix your broken leg, no doctor can fix a broken heart. Our emotions are ours to begin with and there is no one who could completely understand what we feel and why we feel this way. People only can make assumptions and comments based on their own experience and perception. Therefore, your heartache might seem laughable to another person and they’ll say you’re overreacting because this isn’t something they would bother dealing with.

Giving someone such power, as to decide which of your emotions are valid and which aren’t, is deadly. Seriously. You’re killing your heart by ignoring it and you’re risking to become dull and cynical just like the person who said your feelings are a mere overreaction. We should be grateful that we can feel such a wide range of emotions. People say you can’t enjoy spring without winter – this applies to feelings, too. You can’t know true happiness without knowing pain. And even our beloved angels wouldn’t be able to help us if they didn’t know pain. Or how do you think are they able to understand us?


40 thoughts on “Speaking Of Happiness – There Are Two Sides To Each Coin

  1. Woww thats an interesting post.. i loved your writing style. On the face..
    And yeah i try to hide my emotions only to feel worse lolz
    I would rather cry than act like Im OK…

    Unpleasant emotions crop up more when you don’t give them due attention.

    Pls go thru my latest blogpost on FOMO and give me feedback..its a diff take on the topic..

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    1. Oh I’m glad you enjoyed my little post! haha get up and face them, they’re not as scary as you think! I’ll check out your post – never heard of ‘FOMO’ before, got me curious!

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  2. I try to relay to people (especially those close to me) that showing emotion is not a weakness, it is a strength. I have not always been one to show emotions, but life can change a person. LoL! I have no issues showing emotion, which for a man is a society-driven “no-no.” Thank goodness, I am not one to curb to the status quo! I have learned to love, respect and believe in myself to the point where I can be myself… Without the worry of opinions.

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    1. That’s true, men have it tougher with this, in some way it is even expected of women to be emotional and of men to be cool – I was gonna add this one to the text but then realised that it’s a topic of its own. And I couldn’t agree more with you- all of these emotions are part of our human experience, we should take any chance to learn about them!

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  3. This was a nice post! I think its important, too, to feel every feeling. Its there for a reason.
    Some people really care when you’re not having good times, you know, but there are people who misuse this. I think this is the reason why people just stop caring and start saying things like ‘grow up’ because they start thinking “ugh, I hate this drama”.

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  4. As usual.. Very true post and bang on target.. No hovering around the point and straight forward approach.. We all know how a broken heart feels and how we have to move on despite the fact that it is difficult to repair it..
    Great :)

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  5. Great post. It’s true you need misery to truly appreciate happiness… Keep your true friends close and cut out the deadwood – and lets face it we all have people in our lives that are deadwood. 😁

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  6. Your content is so deep and thoughtful. I’d love to write a guest post for you some time if you’re interested. I’ve been working on one about labelling people which I think would be perfect for your blog. 😊

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    1. Thank you, glad you enjoy it! That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, to be honest – but you’ll have to explain how guest blogging works :D I mean, I get the idea but I didn’t look deeper into that topic, as my blog is rather new.


      1. It’s basically where I write a blog for you and you post it on your site. It’s like collaborating but for blogs I think. I’m not too sure either as I’m a new blogger 😊

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      2. Oh you’re new, too – that’s cool, we can discover the world of blogging together :D And I just did some quick research – I was more interested in the technical aspect behind it. But I think the easiest way is if you share your post with me via e-mail and I publish it linking to your blog. I didn’t ask you before but what’s your blog? (Because lifebehindthelenssite is shown as ‘deleted’.)


      3. haha, so this one is yours, no wonder your name seemed familiar! I don’t need to put my e-mail in the comments, you can drop me a message by using my contact page and I’ll reply to you then^^


  7. I can’t stop reading your blog. I really like everything I have read so far. Your philosophy is timeless. I think everything you wrote will still be true 1000 years from now — if not on this planet then surely on another one.

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  8. So true, interesting post that is! Each time I decide to read your posts, you blow my mind away. Great! I still am curious about your gender, I have tried to get it through some of your post but …..

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