The Game I Always Hated


For a child the “smallest” things have the greatest impact. The early childhood is a very crucial stage in our lives where we learn about the world and people’s place in it. More often than not what we learn is complete trash. Why trash? Because we’re forced to do things we don’t want, we’re forced into artificial belief systems we don’t relate to and we’re forced to behave in a way some random person approves of. So most of us become vile trash and will teach the next generation how to be the same – or rather force them to become such because all we can approve of is trash, nothing less nothing more. What could a child possibly know? After all, adults have to teach them everything about the world, the one and only. So they can thrive and survive. Nah, take that back. So they can survive. That’s better.


Have you ever played friggin’ ‘Musical Chairs’? :D I don’t know the origins of this game but it is a very popular one worldwide. Come, close your eyes and go back in time. Think about how you played it, visualize it. (Or if you’re lucky enough and you never had to participate in this madness, then imagine doing so now.) You are 5 years old. See yourself among all those kids running around the chairs put in a circle, suddenly you’re so excited because everyone around you is. All you know is that you have to sit down on a chair as soon as the music stops. And then it happens. But uh-oh! That little monster next to you takes your stupid chair! :’D You look around, what? There’s no place left. A-nd you’re out! Hey, all’s good, everyone’s having fun, they’re laughing – at you – nah silly, it’s just a game, we’re having fun now you forgot?

But how does the little you feel about this surprise?

I can tell for me it never was fun. No matter the outcome, whether I got a chair or not I felt like an idiot having to run in circles around a bunch of chairs in the first place.

I’ve actually seen kids crying after losing because that’s what happens with 5 year olds when they don’t get what they want. But this really goes down to a deeper level. Even if consciously we understand it’s just a game and nothing bad happens to us when we lose – the subconscious mind works differently. It works in pictures and symbolism. It works in feelings and emotions. Anything but words.


What this shitty game actually teaches the kids is what you see adults doing in the “real world”. ‘Gotta use your elbows, kid! Because if you don’t, others will push you aside and you’ll never get your spot in the sun.’ On a subconscious level the game teaches us that you have to be selfish in order to win. The subconscious doesn’t care what we win. It notes the strong emotion that we want to win.

It doesn’t care if it’s just a game. It learns from the situation and creates an inner algorithm. This algorithm is something that gets triggered in other situations where we’re in competition. There’s not enough for everyone so you have to move fast. Be first. If you want to get to the top you have to push others out of your way and your win takes someone else’s loss. There aren’t enough chairs for everyone to sit comfortably, kids. You have to earn your chair even if it makes your friend cry. Otherwise the teacher will be mad at you, how dare you not play when they told you to?

Lack is something adults believe in and would die for if they had to prove you that it’s real. I’m sure there were more than enough chairs in the room before the adult decided it’s a good idea to practice some ‘reaction skills’. Even as you played the game – all around you were chairs, chairs, chairs. Maybe now that you’re out of the freak show you can feel free to have a choice.


7 thoughts on “The Game I Always Hated

    1. xD yeah! Such a cruel game. The first time I played it our kindergarten teacher didn’t even tell us about the missing chair. Stuff got serious pretty quickly. And the kinda lesson it teaches is a terrible one, too.

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  1. I can’t count the number of times I could relate to this post.
    I remember playing this come and once and the winner would get a grand prize so I got competitive af and when a girl was going to sit on a chair I was planning to sit on I pulled the chair and she fell down 😂

    Honestly that game stinks! Loved this post <3

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