Twitter Anyone?


So newmoonplan was already taken … since 2012 apparently! Wow. Who’d choose this as their username?! For about 15 minutes I’ve been thinking of other names to pick. Such as:

newmoonschedule – that’s terrible :’D I don’t know if I’m laughing or crying right now

newmoonidea – what? we were looking for synonyms for ‘plan’ okay?

thenewmoonplan – sounded like an epic title

anewmoonplan – sounded like the least epic title

I stuck with: newmoonspeaks but that might change if I find a better solution.

Anyways, join me on twitter if you have an account and should you have an idea for a username I could pick instead – share it below (that could be fun) and don’t forget to drop your twitter link in the comment section as well so that other people can find you there! Cheers!



21 thoughts on “Twitter Anyone?

  1. Twitter username suggestions:

    I’ll suggest more. For now I could think only these.

    My twitter: @ash1560

    See ya!

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      1. God damn it! I wanted to be the first >:( xD
        I’ll make a twitter account for Ket Cage soon! :3
        I really need to start writing more regularly first.
        Also, welcome to twitter :D

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  2. I had the same problem, I wanted my name (AshleyMcDermott) but someone else has it, and they haven’t ever posted anything! Grr..

    So I had to settle for @AshleyMcDerm0tt .. which isn’t too bad but I feel the Zero instead of an ‘o’ could get a little confusing :)

    Following you!

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    1. nah it’s not too bad with the zero though, I was thinking of replacing some letter with a number too but idk :D it’s good that the username can be changed easily! And thanks, I’ll follow you right back

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      1. haha the ‘xd’ in it is lit! I don’t know if you remember those times when all the cool kids used to have nicknames like xX_theslayer117_Xx or warriorkitty_x3 hahaha :’D

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