Just A Story – Paine


Paine is my best friend. She’s the only being that keeps me sane in this dull, rotten place. I wonder how she can keep her stuff together surrounded by this madness. Oh, maybe it’s because she isn’t human. Why me? My thoughts are running wild yet I keep coming to the same conclusion over and over. I’m stuck, a prisoner of my own. Like a lost time traveller I feel out of place. Wrong era, wrong planet. Yet … I am here.

“Cheer up, sadface!” Her voice snaps me out of my seemingly endless trip. The deeper I go, the darker it gets, it’s tough to go back without a safety rope. “Paine, do you know what it feels like being out of place?” She gives me a cryptic smile. Of course you do. “Nothing ever is out of place, dear.” These words crush my heart. “You know it hurts when you say this.” I simply can’t ignore how I feel about myself, the world and my place in it. I’ll never belong, I’ll never belong.  “Your feelings can’t change the truth of who you are. You’ll have to learn to accept it.” She always smiles. I wish I was like her. Maybe that’s why she’s by my side – without Paine I’d be a gloomy little sadface, at all times of the day. Oh, and I’d probably die of chronic depression, too. See, I make no sense. But then again, what makes sense on this Rock Bottom planet?

To be continued…

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16 thoughts on “Just A Story – Paine

  1. Mooon!
    I loved it again. It gave me the feelings. I really hope its Just A Story because watching someone like you be a sadface breaks my heart. Also, sadface should know that Ket Cage will always be there for anyone who wants to cheer up.

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    1. I’m glad you loved it :D The thing with stories is that the writers can’t create something they don’t know. You must experience something before being able to write or speak about it otherwise it won’t touch anyone’s heart. So in a way – sadface is me, but so is Paine. But maybe you’ll be able to see yourself in those characters as well.
      You care about others a lot. Even if it’s just someone you met on the internet. I don’t know how to say this but it seems people like you care so much because they know how it feels like to feel down. They try to lift others up because they also know how much better it is to have a friend who cares (maybe because they didn’t have one at their lowest point). So in short: you care because you can relate. Isn’t that so?^^

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      1. Yess! I could see myself in those characters. Also, I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted your story to be but when I was reading it, I always thought Paine was the personification of Pain.
        We all think Pain is our enemy but I think Pain really is a friend. It helps us understand things better, it’s always there with us in the hard times and even though many don’t notice it, pain is there during the good times too.
        You really are a mind reader or prophet or something. Moon, there was this time in school when everything was going terribly. I tried really hard to keep myself happy. I saw how all the people I called friends were being so unfriendly but I tried to ignore that. But we all have a peak point right? One day, I reached that. I’m glad that happened. It gives me a lot of joy to make people happy. Also, it makes me really sad to see people sad.
        I don’t wanna show myself as “the nice guy”. I’ve done terrible stuff. I regret doing them.
        What’s important, Moon, is that, now that we’re friends, you mean something to me. I don’t wanna sound creepy, I just care about the people who mean something to me. So yeah.
        I hope this comment wasn’t depressing xD

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      2. I didn’t give so much thought to the name (I chose the first one that came up in my mind) but it makes sense, the way you put it. I chuckled reading this because, you know, my view is that one has to experience pain to truly know happiness. I think seeing sad people makes you sad because you always picture yourself in their situation though. That’s a bit dangerous – because a case where you won’t be able to do something for a person is inevitable sooner or later and chances are you’ll beat yourself up about it. Try to do some research on empaths or empathy. Because you seem like a typical empath^^ – one who doesn’t really have this quality under control (yet).

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      3. What you’re saying makes a lot of sense. I’ve been trying to be less sensitive towards things. I’ve heard “You’re very sensitive for a guy” a lot of times but that’s just a sexist comment. But I think I really am a little too sensitive.
        I should really do the research you’re asking me to. I always thought being sensitive is what’s making me be nice to people and that’s what makes me want to keep people happy but i guess too much of anything isn’t good.
        Thanks Moon.

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      4. haha sounds like you’ve got lots of idiots to deal with. I think being sensitive is not always the same as being an empath though. Empaths have the ability to understand how someone feels, to walk in other people’s shoes so to speak. They care a lot about everything and everyone. They’re more connected to life and living things. This can turn into sensitivity and make them vulnerable but once you understand what an empath is you’ll be able to handle things much better and actually help people more effectively. Maybe I’ll do a post on that, I don’t know much but it’s an interesting topic.

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      5. I read about it, Moon. Holy shit. It can get bad but if I control it I can use it!
        I’m still not sure if I’m an empath tho. The article said, you’re either an empath or you’re not.

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    1. Well my start is rather wobbly and shaky but I’m gonna try my best with this. Never wrote a story before but I have some cool ideas for this :D I hope I can bring them out as stylish as you present yours!

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