Everyone Needs A Good Friend – Be One To Yourself

I don’t have any Zip today, in other words: I’m so damn tired lately. Then I realized how much I am at war with myself again – thoughts, ideas and fears all pull in different directions. Restless. Of course I’m not the only one like this. We all have our phases. A few weeks from now I probably won’t even remember feeling like this.

People waste too much time beating themselves up about their own imperfections. How do they hope to achieve greatness while thinking lowly of themselves? What if we all decided to be at peace with ourselves right here, right now? Can you imagine treating yourself as a friend? Does thinking of this put a smile on your face?




28 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Good Friend – Be One To Yourself

    1. Thanks demi, yes, it’s rather sad that most of the times we’re being too harsh on ourselves, so I’m doing this friend-thing as an experiment lately. It works well!


  1. Hey, Moon! Get well soon :)
    Being my own friend? It didn’t put a smile on my face, instead I got into a pretty deep thought. I could be the best friend to me. I’d understand me and I’d always be there for me no matter what. But it’s like a part of me (let’s call that part of me A) wants to be friends with me but the other part (B) is too unapproachable. It’s like in school, I’m A (I’m usually always the A. I love making friends) but the cool and popular kids are B. I wanna be friends with them but… “Would they make fun of me if I tried?” comes to my mind and I’m like “I’d rather not humiliate myself”.
    Idk if this made any sense. If it did, yay! If it didn’t, I’m sorry.
    And I’m sorry for such a huge comment! 😭 I never realise that I’ve written to much and later I don’t feel like deleting what I’ve written already.

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    1. Thanks buddy and don’t worry about the lenght of the comment. It’s not as huge as you think. But I am slightly confused: why do you have trouble “approaching” yourself? What are you afraid of? I mean, the cool kids at school are out of your control but your reaction towards yourself is always under your control :)


  2. I just got time to do my replies, this was lovely, I know sometimes it happens like that but you will definitely snap out of it soon. And yah, everyone needs to be a good friends to themselves, cutting themselves some slack, not blaming or not forgiving themselves. This too will pass..xoxo

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