Blogger Party


I’m hosting a ‘Blogger Party’!

My First Milestone came rolling in today. I’ve had a lot of fun expressing myself and exploring my mind, I’ve made some blogging buddies and I want to drop a big thank you to everyone who got my back on here, gratitude for your support, for taking the time to read my little posts and comment your thoughts, thank you for your inspiring posts as well!

Here’s how it goes: drop the link to your blog in the comment section below and describe what your blog is about in a few lines – the thought behind this is for everyone who decides to participate to be able to find some new blogs to read and make new connections! Just because mutual support and ecouragement rocks!



53 thoughts on “Blogger Party

  1. Congratulations!!!! That’s a real big milestone you just achieved!! I am waiting for a lot more feathers added on your crown πŸ‘πŸ‘
    For you, I am a known face πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€ But for everyone else – my blog is .
    In my blog I just express my thoughts, my beliefs on different subjects with the help of analysis or short stories. Sometimes as a variation I do post pics of tours I took, because I am a wanderer at heart 😁

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      1. Ouwh yeah~ there’s nothing greater than spreading some positive vibes! We should celebrate ourselves every day :D that’s why I love your blog so much, you teach your readers how to shine!

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      2. I’ve heard about this thing in our brain that whenever we smile (even if it’s forced) the smile tricks our brain into thinking that we’re amused and it releases some happiness hormones resulting in us really feeling better! It works!

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      3. Yeah! haha sorry I’m not very scientific in my explanations :D but girrrrl, I tell you it WORKS! So whenever you smile a little wonder happens in your brain and this goes such a long way~

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      4. Hahah, thinking alike, i want to nominate you for versatility Blogger award so I went snooping through your blog to get better sense of what your blog is about.

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  2. That’s awesome, bro! Very hearty congratulations to you!
    And here is my blog:
    It’s about abstract philosophies that you would not encounter in daily life. I try to uncover and explain these abstract philosophical principles. I also sometimes try to explain the psychology behind some things. Have a visit to my blog and you will be amused by abstract principles I explain.

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      1. It’s closer to 1 1/2 months – but I spend time to read other people’s blogs and comment wherever I can leave something thoughtful or add something to the idea. I posted in the first friday pool twice and then participated in the Community Pool a few times. So socializing basically^^

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      1. Don’t sweat it – the more we anticipate something the slower the process seems but usually after reaching a milestone the numbers come rolling in faster. You’ll definitely get there soon enough, girl and I’m looking forward to celebrate you then! :D

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      2. Well in the end numbers are just numbers – what counts more are all those people whom I see in your comment section under literally every of your posts. The connections you make, the difference you make for someone is the real treasure!

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