What’s Real?


The bitter truth behind ‘be real’ is that most of us are nowhere close to being real and never will be. No matter how true to ourselves we think we are. I wonder – being born in a world full of standards, expectations, role models, idols, trends, fads, rules and customs – were we ever real to begin with?


42 thoughts on “What’s Real?

  1. Maybe for about 5 minutes out of the womb.. but that’s just my opinion. We’re definitely molded to our surroundings and adapt to new ones when necessary. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I nominated you for versatile blogger award if you didn’t get the ping link :D


  2. True… but fact. We are shaped by our surroundings. But yes, that’s not always bad. We need some sort of guidelines as well in front of us, until we start making our own path. Now if it clashes with our understanding, then the problem starts.
    Thanks for sharing these deep thoughts.. 😊

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      1. You are welcome.. 😀😀
        By “understanding” I want to point out the way we see the world ourselves. E.g. – say someone told you when you were a child, that you are of a particular religion and you need to follow the customs. You don’t protest, even if you don’t like it. Because you are still not mature enough and you follow rules as described by elders. Now when you grow mature, you learn new things, you understand these rituals are inhuman and totally biased. You understand the elders are wrong. The whole bloody system is wrong. Now you resist and protest, and the problem starts. The never ending conflict of “rules” vs “reasons”.
        Religion is just one example. We face innumerable conflicts like this, like caste, gender, race, economic, social and so many more.
        This is what I wanted to say.. 😊

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      2. Nemo, how I respect you for being so blunt. I was thinking for a moment to pull a joke and pretend that I’m religious :D honestly, I don’t understand how people can be into religion nowadays… but now I understand your point fully. Thank you for clarifying and yes, I agree with you – rules and customs vs reasons…or reasoning is a neverending battle. Some people just feel more comfortable in a set of rules where they don’t have to take responsibility for anything in life.

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      3. Hahaha… 😁😁
        Frankly I don’t hate “religion” itself though. I believe it gives us a roadmap for our spiritual path and a guidance to how we should pursue our daily life with morality and dignity. But, I don’t believe in rituals, systems. I don’t believe in a “religion” which is unable to feed a hungry child.
        I believe in humanity and any “rules or customs” coming in the way should be thrown away in the name of humanity.

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      4. Yes, the problem is that the people in charge of those things are not as caring as you are. The problems of this world are all man-made, all we need to do is follow the money trail and it becomes crystal-clear.

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      5. True.. But this is the world.. I wonder when will things change.. But yes, for this, all of us has to take some sort of initiatives.. To clean up our society.. It’s a huge task, but we can certainly hope for better.. :D

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      6. Yeah.. Hope is the only thing that keeps you alive at the end of the day..
        Darkness is so powerful that if you get engulfed, you can’t come out…

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  3. Yes. We are born in to a world that has certain expectations and cultural norms… and at the same time each person holds their own unique reality. What is real for you may not be real for another as our realities can be so different. I believe each of us is real… however the difference is whether (and to what extent) we have the courage or ability to express our genuine nature. By asking each other ‘what’s real for you?’ Perhaps we can begin to encourage each other to be increasingly ‘real’ and at the same time develop understanding and respect for those differences of reality.

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  4. Hahaha, that question at the end makes me laugh.. but it’s a good question. I think we just loss place of ourselves as we grow with so many things been an influencing factor, like upbringing, cultural background, biological, environmental, social etc. It’s all sum up to affect who we are or become on the long run making us sometimes not know what the real deal is anymore. It’s the world we live in, it’s conditioned a certain way already… I can go on and on but I take a pause here. Hope your week is going good dear? Xoxo

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      1. I hide so many of my feelings and act like someone else most of my life. I bet everyone does because that’s how things are. The truth is like coffee. Its bitter but to enjoy it people add a lot of sugar.
        FREAKING HELL. I love how I come up with these stuff. I gotta copyright it!! XD

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      2. :’)
        I don’t know if there was anything great in that but it makes me happy when you say that.
        It was raining today. The weather was so nice and all. UGH. Hate it. Depresses me every time. Yes, I know I’m weird.

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      3. haha cheer up! We need rain to survive and besides, the air feels so fresh afterwards. It’s like the feeling we get after being pissed off and venting :D As for the “coffee-truth”, it’s really great. You know, people love hearing those kind of things. It’s short, artsy and on spot. Brings some magic in their lives to hear something unusual!

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      4. Yeah. Like. I know rain is important and it cools reduces the temperatures on hot days but. Ever since I was a kid, I hated rain. One of the main reasons why, I guess, was powercuts.
        Those kind of things don’t come to me very often you know? When I say stuff like that, it makes me feel freaking awesome xD

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  5. according to me we do not understand the essence of being real. real, like normal is relative. from that perspective being honest to oneself about who they are is being real.
    but really well written. nice flow of thoughts

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