Unique But Not Really


Funny how it’s a social norm to try and be someone vs simply be. Funny how especially during the school time we’re forced to focus on our flaws rather than strenghts in order to meet a set standard as opposed to allowing individualism to thrive. What if idolizing people leads us to not only losing the sense of self but actually holds us off from really tapping into it? Could the world become a much more positive place if we allowed us to actually discover ourselves instead of continuously trying to imitate others? Heh, that’d be a catastrophe.



8 thoughts on “Unique But Not Really

    1. maybe we can but it has to become a conscious personal decision first, you know, like something we can get a hold of and work towards… since we’re mostly influenced subliminally and kind of trained to fit into society it’s hard to focus on true self because our image of the true self merges with what’s best acceptable publicly. Yet all of the greatest minds in history were rule breakers vs rule followers/status quo enforcers…

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      1. maybe it’s a tough as we think it is^^ I’m gonna drop by for your new post later I’m kinda excited what you’ve experienced this week! (But I hope this time the post is not as terrifying as last time xD)

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    1. and it kinda is…imagine people actually making their own decisions instead of allowing themselves to be ruled over by authority figures such as parents or the media which kind of takes the role of parenting even for so-called “adults” – they’re being parented by the media. I hope you know what I mean…


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