Ghost In A Machine

I had a near death experience as a child which has a big effect on how I perceive myself and the world around me. I see my body as a perfect machine. It completely sustains itself. Sometimes it scares me. I can feel it having a life of its own. It scares me especially when I think of what my body is made from. I am a wandering universe of microscopic organisms functioning in unity, forming my physical form which I then can use to roam this world. I am not my body but my body is a part of me, so important … like you can’t join an MMORPG without creating an avatar first.

But I am not my body, or am I? My lungs will keep pumping air without me having to consciously think of them doing so. My heart will pump the blood through my veins, supplying oxygen to the rest of my body whether I want this or not. The body is programmed to live. I am unaware of almost everything it does to stay “alive”. I wonder: Does it really need “me”? What’s the consciousness inside of this “vessel”?


I’m sorry but I’m fascinated. I’m interested in the way the body works, the way it retains memory, for instance. Why does the brain choose to keep one memory but overwrite another? And the amount of abuse it can withstand – what an incredible healing capacity! Sometimes I think people are friggin’ suicidal simply by looking at the way they treat their own body. I then wonder how they’d act should they ever learn its value. But people take their bodies for granted because they got them for free. And people hardly value anything they get for free, right? Then again, some folks are intrigued by sci-fi: “How cool would it be if we had androids roaming around us, cyborgs and stuff…”

Funny how people want to create artificial vessels and AI. Funny how they always want AI to be more human-like at first, and then look forward for it to surpass human capacities. Why would you want to create something that’s supposed to mimic and eventually become a “better” you while you not even knowing everything about “you” yet? What if the human body is capable of so much more than pumping blood and air, digesting food and staying alive? Apparently, we don’t even know how much of our brain’s capacity we actually are using. We believe to have mastered genetics while claiming most of our DNA is “junk” simply because we can’t make much sense of it. There is the Placebo Effect which defies any established “logic” and “rationalism”. Not to mention “Epigenetics”. How much do we work our DNA work as opposed to it “working” us? Our bodies are on auto-pilot.mirror They run to maintain life but that eventually wears off. What if we can do so much more with it? I mean things like super strength under certain circumstances have been studied silently. There are people out there who can do seemingly “impossible” things. I wonder what secrets we’re staring into when facing ourselves in the mirror.

If the body is a machine, then the consciousness controlling it must be the mind. Yes, the mind controls the physical body and so much more maybe? Change your thoughts, change your life. Mind over matter. But … looking into psychology it becomes clear very fast that the mind is just another machine. Very much programmed. And the software is harder to overwrite the longer it’s in use. I want to know what’s beyond this. I want to understand the code. I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into.


42 thoughts on “Ghost In A Machine

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Psy! Yeah it was tough to connect all the dots and put them in a post but I somehow managed. You know how sometimes you begin to think about things and your thoughts go in different directions you begin to lose track of them? Nevertheless, I enjoyed writing this and I’m glad to hear that someone could follow me along :D

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  1. Wow. This was just wow. This post literally spoke to me. There are times when I feel that my body is ruling over me and it’s all just weird and I’m just someone drifting in this world and that life is just a transaction and we all have somewhere to go after so called life…. the last sentence of the post though…fabulous!

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      1. Sad and kinda pointless at the same time. You know what I don’t understand? It’s when people claim to believe that nothing comes after death still don’t go out like YOLO and do whatever they want.


      1. It is good to hear from you & no, not forgotten my friend! My state of being may depend on who we ask… LoL! My GF will tell you that I have become a bit more short-tempered and less talkative, which worries her. I would give the standard answer of “I’m fine…” But am I? During my lifetime, I have shouldered many responsibilities without as much as a blink. Now though, I find that the shoulders can still carry the weight but the cost is more noticed. I have been working on both, my snippiness and communication. The change in lifestyle over the past months is still in the process of being absorbed. Other than that? I’ m good, lol! Although… I did manage to donate a limited 1/1 print to a charity auction for the local cancer society. :)

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      2. Hey there, I guess your email is what brought me back here today! I haven’t checked WP for such a long time already, all because I went down a deep rabbit hole shortly after my last post. (Which was to be expected haha) May I ask how your lifestyle changed lately?

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      3. It is great to hear from you! I am sorry to hear about your journey “down a rabbit hole.” :( I had my journey not long ago and still seem to be on it but… I have been doing my best to make my way out. It is my hope the same is happening for you. I have made some needed adjustments in my life, like recognizing I am not Superman just because I wear the T-shirt. LoL! I realized just how thinly I have spread myself out and am looking to allow more time for myself and my well being. It may have been long overdue… I will keep in touch more with you by email and see how things are going. :) Take care always! Oh… I may have a fitting art piece that describes ones journey down the rabbit hole. I will see about sending a pic. “)

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      4. haha no, the journey isn’t a bad thing actually! Maybe even necessary for change to happen. Lol@ “I am not Superman just because I wear the T-Shirt” – yeah, it’s important to realize that the world’s fate isn’t all on your shoulders alone. And yes, I’d love to see the artwork! Thanks for keeping in touch!

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      5. Hello my friend… Just having my morning coffee while I so some surfing. I am glad your journey isn’t a bad one! These past weeks I have realized just how important self-acknowledgement really is! I guess it is a good thing I didn’t wear a Fantastic 4 t-shirt. Then my shoulder would’ve tried to carry 4x the burden. LoL! :) Take care and it is always great hearing from you!
        On a side note… I managed to get a few more followers, even though I haven’t been writing. Also, I have found my poem titled; “Hide me” has been a popular read. :)

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      6. Lol .. I see what you mean. Yeah the thing with the followers is interesting lately. It’s been same for me but I think I know why – there’s a feature in the reader that’s been added some weeks ago. When you click on the “manage” button next to “followed sites” you’ll see “recommended” blogs and you can follow them right away.

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  2. Interesting! Very revealing and mind impacting piece, the composition and elements put together were well researched and seasoned together. Our BODY/ MIND conformed in a fashion human beings are still trying to understand. I must say I need a re-read on this after a while. Nice Job!

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  3. Reblogged this on KINGDOM PRINCIPLES and commented:
    In every Creation, there is diversion. I saw this facinating piece of intelligence and decided to share it’s Principles. Understanding who you are and what you do and is about to do is the best proof of a sure ending. These piece of speculation and intelligent expression explains the law of conciousness.

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