New Moon Speaks #3 – Gemini Edition

I’d never think I’d have trouble to keep up with the changing moon phases. Today is another New Moon! (luckily I remembered) So, I looked up the sign it’s in, and laughed out … friggin’ Gemini! How ironic, it brings a smile on my face.

I am so busy doing a million of things, my mind is at thousands of places simultaneously and I can’t remember the last time I actually chilled out.

– Luna aka Moon, 2017


I forget to have breakfast regularly as I keep trying to catch up with time itself. I don’t know how many calls were made from my phone during the last week alone because there was so much business to be taken care of. Meanwhile I’ve lost track of the blogs I follow because lately I can only come online once a day for a few minutes, if I’m lucky.

I just realised I haven’t posted anything in almost a week! :O It’s midday in my place and I can’t believe, I’m lying on the floor near my cat to make this post, heck, I am online! The last 4 hours of my day were busy yet exciting once again! It’s not a bad thing. I like being busy – but I appreciate a breather. This time for real: “At some point today I’m gonna chill and do nothing.”


Maybe sometimes we need to remember to be like the Moon, we’re going through  phases. It’s all good.

Taurus Edition

New Moon Speaks

The New Moon is all about new beginnings, setting intentions, about giving an old idea a fresh chance etc and this month it is in Aries, the archetypal sign of new beginnings and the Self.

It’s not like I have a real obsession with the Moon. I’m simply aware of the influence it has over us, believe it or not, it’s there. If it’s strong enough to affect the Earth then it does affect us. Specifically when it comes to the Moon, there are many things we don’t know of yet, there’s so much to discover. I like how people tend to think every mystery’s been solved and if not then there surely is an easy way to explain it. Which makes sense, since our world begins with us. We can turn any misconception into a perfect chain of arguments. Those who disagree will create perfect chains of arguments to prove the opposite – and it will make sense from their point of view.

Maybe there are some sensitive people out there who felt the need to start afresh lately being preoccupied with themselves. You’re not going mad, it’s the Moon’s calling and if you feel it, follow it.