Dangerous Thoughts – Loneliness Is An Illusion

I am lucky to have met you guys on here. Thank you for not forgetting about me even after all this time. The Flower Tag is cute as hell! I choose Alstroemeria for both of you because this flower represents something nice, look it up. :)


Seems like I have some work to do if I want to pick up blogging again. There are a few things I would like to write about. I wasn’t just picking my nose while lying in the sun for the whole summer, you know? I finally want to talk about Soul Mastery and the power of words and something people call “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Let’s not forget the topics I already touched upon, such as psychology, social conditioning and how to break free from it. There are many secrets hidden in plain sight.

Seeing a wonderful gift and I can’t let it go to waste. You shouldn’t either. The longer I keep things to myself the more it drives me nuts.


I won’t lie, it’s terrifying. I don’t exactly know where to start and how to put things together without sounding like a complete nutter and hating myself for it. For quite a while now I’ve been thinking no soul could ever understand what I’m talking about. The only person who truly got my back just vanished into thin air. For some reason I thought there are no others of our kind. But it’s just insane! How could I possibly know?

Maybe all of us, at some point, think that we know everything about the world and how it will react to us. Yet it’s just an illusion. It’s in our head. We think.

Again, the ability to think is another great gift but even here we have two sides to the same coin. Thinking for ourselves can set us free or put us in the mind prison. I’m in the mind prison, in case you wonder. But I’m trying to escape here. This reminds me of what I heard people say before: fear destroys more dreams than failure ever will. Dude, we have to quit falling for this.


I’ve Been On A Trip To The Outernet

“I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into.”

The words from my last post make me chuckle.

The universe is such a funny place. It gives you exactly what you ask for.

I haven’t planned to “come back”. It’s been two months yet I feel like 2 years have passed. I am a different person. I thought I’d cringe skimming through my last post. I haven’t. I can smell “my touch” upon it. The energy I put behind my words – it’s a genuine text of mine, yes. Have I really changed as much then? What happened, Luna…


I’ve been looking for something. Something to make me feel alive. Something to drive me mad, “consume” me. I’ve been looking for something worth losing sleep over.

And I found it. I can’t get enough.

It’s good to know that I’m just at the beginning. I dipped my toes into the deep waters so to speak. And I want more. Millions of questions run through my mind. Whenever I find an answer, 2 new questions come up. Well, more than two actually. It drives me nuts on one hand but makes my stay here worthwhile on the other.

I’ve been drowning in the boring “mundane” BS. We all know there’s more to life than sleep, work, consume, repeat. Can’t you feel you’re dying a little every day, doing the same shit over and over again? Do you feel satisfied? Can’t you feel the pull inside you to do something “real”? Something that gives you a sense of belonging, purpose? Something that makes you feel that you actually are here? Can you imagine standing on the top of a mountain, you see the Milky Way high above you, stretch your arms out, breathe in… What do you feel? Take your eyes off the meaningless chase after “nothing really”.

Do you feel a driving force behind your actions greater than “just to live another day” while minding your every day business? I couldn’t. But I wanted to.

I am far from having a clear picture but I haven’t been “losing” sleep for nothing. When you find that something that ends up consuming you like this, you won’t be able to sleep much. Trust me. It’s not the worrying type of losing sleep, no. The opposite of that. You’ll feel energized. The most valuable realization I had is that I really don’t have time to “play nice” and pretend being someone I am not.

Many people think they are being real, unique and edgy but they actually are maintaining a certain image of themselves. The way you want to be seen is not who you really are.

For most of us it is intimidating to really be ourselves. We don’t want to make ourselves vulnerable. We are programmed to try to fit in at all times. Don’t be weird and all. It’s hard to let go of such a deep seed within our minds. But it’s entirely possible. If you don’t let go of this you’ll never know your real self. No one in this world has to accept you but yourself. So why don’t you?

Narrow Minds and their Potential – Rant

The reason the world’s in such big trouble, is that 99% of people see themselves as “ordinary” folks. And “ordinary” folks take no responsibility for anything that’s currently happening on the planet – they have no power, no voice, they are unimportant.

At the same time, however, they consider themselves a part of the “advanced” human race – taking every right to support harmful agendas which rather surely than slowly destroy the planet because one ordinary person has no weight in this world and their actions don’t matter. We have 99% of this kind.

The truth is, with superiority comes responsibility. Truly advanced beings don’t consider their lives being worth more than the lives of other species. Truly advanced beings do not justify the destruction and suffering they cause with them simply being “better” and “more important”. Dumb idiots do this kind of stuff. Truly advanced beings do not support their existence by destroying the very environment they live in simply because they think they won’t live enough to face the consequences of their actions.

The first thing people think about when they encounter an unknown creature is how to capture it. When they hear of “ETs” they think about “Alien Invasion”. When they hear about “Superintelligence” they think of AI taking over and destroing every single one of them. By now it should be obvious: humans are hostile creatures living in constant fear. It doesn’t have to be like this. With true superiority comes responsibility. Responsibility for our actions, responsibility for our life and the environment we place ourselves in.

Make up your mind, for you can only be one: an advanced being or an irresponsible piece of trash sucking the energy out of the living planet like a parasite.

Change begins with one, spreads through the mass consciousness to many, manifests a thousandfold on the physical plane and this process speeds up exponentially. Maybe there’s enough time left to save something on this planet but do people still deserve this chance?