Unique But Not Really


Funny how it’s a social norm to try and be someone vs simply be. Funny how especially during the school time we’re forced to focus on our flaws rather than strenghts in order to meet a set standard as opposed to allowing individualism to thrive. What if idolizing people leads us to not only losing the sense of self but actually holds us off from really tapping into it? Could the world become a much more positive place if we allowed us to actually discover ourselves instead of continuously trying to imitate others? Heh, that’d be a catastrophe.



A Guest Post On Labelling And Judging

Today is a special day, Ladies and Gentlemen! I am honored to present you a guest post by a fellow Mind-Surfer Demifern19, the Author of the freshly pressed blog: Life from this Perspective. The post is about a very thought-provoking topic – we strive to be non-judgemental but there are always two sides of the same coin …



Short. That’s the first description that most people think of when they see me. We’re all labelled with things – some good some bad. But whether it’s seen as a compliment or as a flaw depends on us. For me being thought of as short isn’t a flaw but I don’t particularly like being highlighted as that.

Yes I’m short and I’m pretty sure that I’m aware of that. However most people don’t say that in a mean way, they just don’t see it as offensive. Therefore I have concluded that you cannot judge what a person says about you or someone else because what they think they’re saying vs what you hear are entirely different things. If I was to comment that someone has huge feet, they might feel self-conscious about it even if I only said it as an observation that fascinated me. So how do we get people to understand what we actually mean when we label them?

We can’t. 

Does that mean we should stop labelling altogether? In my personal view labelling isn’t nice and it’s basically like judging a book by its cover. Even if you’ve been friends with this person since you were 4 and think you know everything about them, you don’t. So any label you give them isn’t fact it’s just your opinion or perspective. Therefore you cannot just categorise people.

Nobody belongs to 1 specific category if you think about it. Someone who plays basketball isn’t just a basketball player and shouldn’t be defined by that 1 thing that is a part of them.

In school I remember we debated once about whether judging people was acceptable. Everyone will have different opinions on it and I’ve made mine pretty clear, but judging can actually save us. Before you talk to someone, you judge them on their appearance, body language and how they present themselves. Not their personality, feelings or morals. Some people can judge from appearance who is likely to be a bad influence and can steer clear of them. Judging may have just saved them from a horrible experience or trouble.

It can be frustrating to be labelled but unfortunately judging, labelling and categorising will never stop. It is one of those habits that society says isn’t a good thing but everyone still does it anyway.  The message of this post: you can’t stop judging but you can think about how you’re judging others. Before you label them, think, “would I like to be judged in that way?”

My heartfelt thanks go to Demifern for creating such a wonderful post and allowing me to host it!

Now’s your turn guys and girls – Demi and I would love to hear your experiences on Judging and Being Judged, how do you deal with this and what’s your take on this topic?

Why I’m Here And What The Blog Is About

Why am I blogging publicly instead of keeping a diary?

I see writing as a powerful tool to release stress and tension. Nowadays especially, as The Age of Information is taking its toll on our ability to concentrate and think clearly, writing has some therapeutic qualities to it. I also enjoy the feeling of a small victory and a clearer mind once I’m done writing about something that’s been bothering me for a while.

The reason I decided to take my ‘mind surfing’ to a blog is simply for the experience of it.

What topics would I like to write about?

I’d like to write about the twisted mind of ours and how we create our reality by literally thinking it into existence. How what we see around us and what we focus on affects our perception of who we are and our place in society.

Who would I love to connect with via my blog?

I’d like to connect with and bring together people who feel “different”. Those seeking more to life than what the mundane routine has to offer. As well as the more grounded “spiritual” people such as old souls, wanderers, deep thinkers, etc. who have a hard time finding a common ground with the mainstream spiritual folks.

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog?

The main purpose of this blog is for me to get a clearer vision of myself and my path. I’d like to attain a clearer state of mind and hopefully spark some inspiration in those who come across it.