Unique But Not Really


Funny how it’s a social norm to try and be someone vs simply be. Funny how especially during the school time we’re forced to focus on our flaws rather than strenghts in order to meet a set standard as opposed to allowing individualism to thrive. What if idolizing people leads us to not only losing the sense of self but actually holds us off from really tapping into it? Could the world become a much more positive place if we allowed us to actually discover ourselves instead of continuously trying to imitate others? Heh, that’d be a catastrophe.



Is This Who You Are

I used to love personality tests just like everyone else. I mean, it’s fun and you get to know a little more about yourself, of course we love them! But at some point I stopped giving them so much attention. I still wanted to know myself better but the tests just wouldn’t cut it anymore. Today I think personality tests are a big, bad, evil trap.

They are an attempt to pinpoint a person’s character, isn’t that innocent, Moon?


You see, I took the Myers Briggs test so many times, for instance. Leaving time to pass in between each attempt, of course. I still can’t tell you which one of those personalities I once was or am now. The result kept changing and I kept forgetting about it. I believe it’s a good sign – I am alive and I change. My answers vary, my views shift. I see people finding out their type and running around in circles ‘I’m this, I’m that – look at me, I know exactly who I am and this is how I see life and react to things’ As if they just found the perfect instruction, no, literally – a lifehack.

Why is it so satisfying?

There are 7.5 billion people in the world (apparently) – do you really think the 16 personality types on top of the classic Introvert/Extrovert joke could ever be enough to define us? It’s on the same level as believing that Earth is the only planet to contain life in this vast universe – just on a smaller scale.

It’s satisfying because it’s an easy way out. You want to know more about yourself? Oh, I’ve designed a test for that. I’m an expert I know every person in this world, boohoohoohoo! You’ll never be the same after completing the test – you’re in for a treat! Indeed.

Who designed the personality tests? Was it some sort of divine being? God? Some Eternal Sage, an Angel, a Prophet? No? It was a person! A person you say?! Just like you and me? No? An expert? Oh, experts – they sure are all-knowing. Bow down in awe.

There is no shortcut to knowing yourself. It actually takes effort and genuine interest to see who you really are. A silly little test might blow you away with some accuracy in its generic ramble – read another result and you’ll find your traits in them, too! Who’d expect that?! If you’re genuinely interested in knowing and understanding who you are and what makes you you – I think you will find the time and strength to deal with whatever it is that’s going on inside your little head, vast mind and deep heart. Good luck.